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George Clooney



May 6, 1961 Lexington, Kentucky to Nick Clooney, a journalist and TV host, and mother Nina, who was a former pageant queen. George's aunt was noted singer Rosemary Clooney.

George Clooney in the Early Years

With a father involved in TV, it was natural that George gravitated toward this line of work. Watching the filming on his father's sets, he sometimes talked his way into bit parts on some of the shows. His first career choice was baseball, though, which led him to try out for the Cincinnati Reds in 1977. When that didn't work out, he decided to make-do with an acting career. This second choice seems to have worked out OK.

In 1984 his breakthrough role came when he co-starred in the TV show ER, along with Elliott Gould, Mary McDonnell and Jason Alexander. Although the program only ran for one season, he was back on the series when it restarted in 1994. In that second life he played Dr. Doug Ross, a role in which he was nominated for several Emmy Awards and Golden Globes. He was finally able to afford tickets to go see baseball players who actually made the team.

George Clooney in Recent Years

2006 was a year of hits and misses for George. He won an Oscar for his role in Syriana, but did not get to kiss Halle Berry on-stage. That same year he was named Sexiest Man Alive by People Magazine. Still no word from Halle.

On a more serious note, he also traveled to Darfur in the Sudan that year, then followed up with a TV special and numerous public appearances urging action to stop the massive suffering there.

George took that further by creating the international charity "Satellite Sentinel Project" which uses photos shot from space to pressure governments into working to stop genocide and other abuses. By a strange twist of fate, he launched that project in December 2010 -- the same month he was asked to co-star with Sandra Bullock as a pair of astronauts in "Gravity." It is not known if the popular movie will benefit his real-life work, but hopefully so.

Remarkable leadership by example. We can't all be invited to speak before the Nobel Peace Prize Laureates in Rome. But we can do something for whatever cause moves us.

Don Cheadle and George Clooney honored in Rome

And remember, you still have a chance to be named Sexiest Person Alive next year. George can't win every year . . . can he?

George's villa in Italy seen here.

His film career is seen here.

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